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  • ciriana

Indecent Proposal

After years of conforming with generally accepted standards, being reasonable, adequate and polite I pronounce I stop to be decent.

In a society where constantly growing consumptions are driving forces of economy it is very difficult not to follow the stream. Every day, every minute and in every media I am being told that I need to buy something. No matter my mood, my situation, no matter what, I am attacked with the idea of never-ending shopping: buying things that mostly I do not need to have.

Do you shop your clothes 6 seasons a year? If your answer is no, you are most probably not counting right. Our wardrobes are full to the extent that we have problems with space and with managing the never-ending influx of the garments to our homes. Paradoxically we never know what to wear. Why? Because we are told that in order to stay trendy we need to buy constantly the new.

It is estimated that consumers purchase at least 80 billion new pieces of garment annually these days, which is four times more than 20 years ago. In order to supply the growing needs producers offer faster and faster methods of manufacturing. The old good cotton, an epitome of a healthy fabric and the principal component of majority of our garments is genetically engineered by means of chemicals in order to grow faster. Consumers wear the chemicals on their skin wondering where on earth this new allergy comes from. The quality of these clothes leave much to be desired, yet it does not matter much as their short live cycles are perfectly in line with ephemeral micro trends being launched by designers. You are a cool trendy dude if you stay on track with fast fashions!

And this is exactly what I object! Being forced to look like fast fashion companies want me to look like is what I declare to rebel against! I love to stay on track with myself and be up to date with how I look and feel at the moment. I change with time and so do my status and lifestyle, yet my style cannot be compromised.

Instead of fast fashions I choose to stick to European tailoring traditions, to elegant lines which have already been tested by generations of women and prove to work any time. I choose to buy in a slow and considerate manner, to enjoy selecting my pieces and then wearing them for more than one season. I choose to go against the tide and I am submitting my proposal to you to do the same. Even if all the business indices show that fast fashions sell best nowadays this is the consumers who eventually decide what to wear. Don’t you think that following my daring proposal might bring a true change?


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