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“Dolce vita” is an Italian concept of “sweet life” led among an exquisite landscape and weather, among the Roman Empire’s voluminous monuments igniting imagination. The Italian and especially Roman surrounding, with all its distinctive features, screams for elegance, refinement and subtlety with a reference to tradition.

Art, music, architecture and - last but not least - fashion are the disciplines in which endless creative quests for harmony and beauty have been conducted in the past and nowadays.

Ciriana has just started a journey in the shadow of this tradition by having reworked well-known themes and enriching them with new creative contemporary motives. We are determined to make it slow in order to have a chance to get the ultimate pleasure from selecting the finest Italian textiles, creating tasteful forms and shapes, presenting them to our clientele and enjoying the way they look in our lines.

After all in our fast moving reality, with an overwhelming imperative of joining the mass worship of mediocrity, striving for values – like: quality, seamless customer service, respect for environment and human rights - look like luxury, or I would rather want to believe, awakening. This is us, consumers, who decide what and how we shop, what we wear and how we want to be handled as clients.

Italians have taught me that life can be tasteful and enjoyable rather than fast, cheap and slapdash. I experienced it myself and fully embraced it. Since then I am determined to look for people thinking alike. Who is with me?


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