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Slow Time is Sexy Time one of English sayings suggests. I remembered it since when I was little but not understood it clearly. Many years later I finally got it! I reached a point when I delight in all that can be experienced in a very slow manner. After all nowadays isn't it luxury not to be in a constant hurry?

"The fast" however is what rules our lives. Business analyses show that the most successful fashion retailers these days propose to consumers nothing more than nicely designed yet low-quality and cheap type of garment (over)produced in gigantic volumes and distributed worldwide. Encouraged with their own successes the fast fashion giants overtake global markets and made consumers believe that what they offer is mainstream.

Who of us does not want to be in the mainstream? Who does not want to present him- or herself in an up-to-date, trendy, fresh manner, be appreciated in a peer group for taste and a sense of style? And here comes the catch.

It turns out that more and more people look for unique clothing solutions. Raised in cultures of individualism, constantly stimulated for independent thinking, especially US and European consumers want to be different from the mass and desire to manage their individual styles by themselves.

People do not really like the idea of wearing what millions of other people wear all over the globe. We want to look unique. We want to wear what we look best in and what WE perceive nice and stylish. How to solve the dilemma of our wishes versus what is offered by an apparel market?

In Ciriana we believe that coming back to our cultural roots is a solution. Looking back at our art, design, splendid architecture that survived millennia and reviving the fashion tradition that has been offering immortal lines and patterns might help in a pursuit of your solid style in the times of mediocrity. What has worked for generations, yet updated with new ideas, colors and modernized by latest textile technologies is a nice foundation to build a real STYLE on. "Fashions fade, only style is eternal" as Yves Saint Laurent once said.

An Italian colleague of mine once told me that he appreciated classic Ciriana for exposing not too much of woman's body, offering a space for interpretation. "We Italians prefer to imagine things rather than have them explicit. We like to consume slowly enjoying every bite." Well then, how to disagree with the "slow is sexy" motto?


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