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I was recently asked to explain my fashion philosophy, especially why I oppose so strongly and so emotionally the unavoidable fast fashion revolution. Here is what I answered.

For the last decade I have been promoting an Italian dolce vita concept translating it to a new, modern version. I write about it and I show images of contemporary people who - even if busy with their fast lives and fast careers - find a decent amount of time to enjoy beauty of the surroundings: nature, architecture, people and obviously the way they dress. My customers dwell on aesthetics of the obvious. They enjoy each Spring '92s new blossoming as well as hundreds-year-old historical objects, art, vintage haute couture etc.

They are invited by my brand to experiment with new fashion trends in already well-known shapes and forms that highlight harmonious beauty rather than play with proportions to offer a new form of art.

I show to my customers that tradition co-exists with contemporaneity.

I ask them to stop their daily routines, look around and stare. Slow lifestyle is what my customers are asked to adopt. What I mean by that is finding a balanced way of connecting tradition with requirements of modern life. In my pieces I blend contemporary trends with traditional fashion art forms.

People forgetting about tradition and hastily fulfilling demands of today '92s life often reach a point of a life crisis when they no longer see a purpose of their daily efforts. On the contrary I tell stories of happy individuals who realise that fulfilment is not about a race for gold but about living in harmony with oneself, with our past, our heritage, high school friends, history of a country etc. All these elements build us, constitute who we are and remind us of our purpose in dire moments of identity crises. This is according to me crucial in today '92s fast moving and ever changing circumstances.

I tell my customers stories of balance between work and family, friends, nature and art and culture - values that nowadays are being very much neglected.

People love to be enchanted with stunning images of gorgeous outfits that bring associations with the past but somehow we all have stopped to wear them. I show how to revive this sentiment without a risk of ridiculing yourself or ending up with a '93 '94 label.

My story is aspirational. It shows that we all can look classy and sophisticated without a huge effort or budget, as my creations are simple, stylish and affordable.

I use images of urban environments, mostly of beautiful Italian cities or suburbs when history is furnished by stunning nature, sunshine, amazing flora, beautiful animals, emerald sea. I don '92t use flamboyant architecture, ornaments (no castles or palaces) as my brand offers no luxury. I show places where anyone is invited.


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