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The meaning of the name Ciriana is a strong-willed woman with leadership attributes, free and independent, a pioneer and an inventor, determined to strive for high performance and to achieve. The woman who marches forward, paving her own way, followed by both male and female admirers attracted to her spirit and values.

She is not a fighting predator of G.I Joe (or rather G.I. Jane) style, neither is she a domestic kitten. Her power lies in deeply rooted values which are the source of her high self-esteem and a conviction that the world belongs to the brave.

Is this personality type in line with contemporary woman’s role model? I want to believe that yes, it is. Ageing societies where men are naturally outnumbered by women, societies with the greater longevity of women compared with men, create environments for independent, strong, mature and self-conscious woman figures.

If you ask what she is like, my simplest answer is that this woman looks really good! In the times of aggressively sexual visual communication, once people came to believe that freedom means that anything is allowed and socially acceptable, Ciriana decides to use unaffected elegance to influence others, to be noticed and listened to.

Among many powerful fashion-related quotes, my favourite one is that of Mark Twain who noticed: "This is clothes which make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society".

Intelligent and successful women living in a men’s world do not communicate by dazzling nudity. On the contrary they show no more that is needed to inspire imagination. Sophisticated simplicity, understatement and femininity are what they use to exert their influence. This is the type of a woman who is desired by strong, complex-free man. This is the sort of a female who attracts other strong women thinking alike. And now is an ideal time to think, talk and write about it, now when mediocrity keeps spinning around us. This is the time when Ciriana speaks up!


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